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Cambodia Fujian Pavilion Introduction

The Fujian Guild Hall (Hometown Association) was established in 1880. The meeting site is located on the scenic Tonle Sap River in the capital of Phnom Penh. After more than 100 years of transience, the successive councils have always served the people as their duty and have devoted themselves to operating and maintaining the operation of the Chinese school [Minsheng Middle School] under their jurisdiction. They have trained numerous talents for the society and made positive contributions to Cambodia’s economic prosperity. . The founding of the Fujian Guild Hall and the founding of the Minsheng Middle School witnessed the long history of Cambodian-Chinese friendship. It is the crystallization of Chinese overseas Chinese’s love of their country of residence and their love for their homeland culture.

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Minsheng Middle School Introduction

In 1927, Cambodian overseas Chinese Zheng Xiuhua and Lin Qilin founded a public [residential] overseas Chinese school. They rented a house on Paris Street in Phnom Penh as a temporary school site and hired Zhang Jian as their principal. Students enrolled for free and taught in Putonghua became the beginning of the implementation of free education and language unification in Cambodian overseas Chinese schools. The number of students rose from 70 to more than 100 in the beginning of January. After that, the number of students is increasing and the school building is not enough. The economic downturn in 1930 made it difficult to raise funds and failed to build a new school. In 1935, he was placed on the Chinese government’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee to obtain a subsidy. In 1937, when the War of Resistance Against Japan broke out, the allowance was suspended…

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